Bigger, stronger, and healthier racks!

The leading supplement line for improved herd health and enhanced antler development!

Antler Development

Buck Buster Mineral and Attractants contain the essential minerals and nutrients to help keep deer healthy. Health is the foundation for a big rack. In this way, Buck Buster products take a two fold approach to aiding in antler development. One is to keep deer healthy and two is to make sure your bucks have the mineral and nutrients that are key for "growing bone!"


Each Buck Buster product is designed to attract and hold deer on your property. Buck Buster Mineral has no added flavoring but contains Anise which has a very sweet aroma that deer love. Our attractants are enhanced with one of 3 different flavorings... Apple, Peanut, and Persimmon. The results will prove just how effective each of these products are at enticing deer to your area!

Quality Ingredients

All Buck Buster products are made with the highest quality ingredients available. Buck Buster Mineral is made with selenium yeast for the most effective absorption of the minerals and added herbs in the animals system. The attractants have many of the same ingredients as the mineral but with a higher salt content and added flavor for maximum attractiveness.

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